ASSE International Student Exchange Programs

ASSE International Student Exchange Programs is seeking local host families for students ages 15 to 18 coming into this area.  Foreign students speak English, are bright and eager to learn and share culture and language.  ASSE also seeks local high school students to become exchange students abroad.  Interested families and students call Sue Nelson or (703-518-5022  . Or email asseusaeast@asse.com

Burlington County Superior Court

Burlington County Superior Court is actively recruiting volunteers for a variety of court based programs. Volunteers have been working in the courts for decades. Thousands of volunteers participate in the delivery of court services statewide, helping to resolve disputes justly for the people of New Jersey. Court volunteers represent a broad cross-section of the community, from high school students helping other youth avoid delinquency to adults and seniors who greet and assist court users, mediate neighborhood disputes, and advocate for children in foster care.

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