Youth Service Initiative for Student Service Clubs

An ongoing program of the Volunteer Center of Burlington County

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The Youth Service Initiative was created by the Volunteer Center of Burlington County in January 2004 to address the special needs of youth volunteers and service clubs that provide service to and through nonprofit agencies in Burlington County. A steering committee was formed in March 2004 to assess the needs within this constituency, and to plan and implement improvements to their environment. The YSI committee was originally formed of professionals from the Volunteer Center and DOVIA, augmented by public and non-public school personnel, including the County Superintendent of Schools. High school and college students were subsequently recruited to represent the interests of youth volunteers.

Purpose of the Youth Service Initiative

Our mission is to provide resources, training, and networking opportunities for:

  • Professionals advising youth service clubs and projects within schools
  • Community leaders operating youth-based organizations outside schools
  • Elected and appointed student leaders managing service clubs, organizations, and projects
  • Service club members working together through their organizations
  • Youth volunteers seeking to serve individually in nonprofit agencies
  • School administrators establishing new community service programs
  • Agency volunteer administrators managing youth groups and individual volunteers

Current issues include

  • Providing specialized training to improve the effectiveness of youth service projects
  • Assisting in implementing and evaluating legislated community service graduation requirements
  • Developing and improving resources and communications to help meet community needs
  • Providing networking opportunities for students, faculty advisors, and agency personnel
  • Expanding opportunities for youth service clubs and volunteers in the nonprofit sector
  • Developing comprehensive community service and service-learning curricula for the school
  • Identifying needs for additional resources and channels of communications
  • Providing recognition and incentive for creativity in service to the community
  • Developing an operational model for future YSI programs in other counties and states

2016 Youth Service Conference & Expo: October 7, 2016, Rowan College of Burlington County, Mount LaurelĀ  Campus - 8:30am - 1:15 pm

*For information or to volunteer, contact: Volunteer Center of Burlington County:; 609-894-9311 ext 1492